Chair’s Welcome

Ana newton - 2019-2020 ACS new haven chair

Ana newton - 2019-2020 ACS new haven chair

I am proud to serve the ACS New Haven (NH) local section, along with the outstanding volunteers of the executive board.  NH local section has an excellent outreach program that coordinates events for our community throughout the year. I am always amazed by the brilliance and ingenuity of these chemistry-loving volunteers. 

During my term as Chair, I would like to focus on the following three themes:

  • Improve communication tools for effective engagement with our members.

  • Empower our volunteers and members of our local section and recognize their outstanding work.

  • Maintain the high quality of annual NH local section events.

I am thankful for the dedicated NH local section volunteers, and I hope to meet new members who will participate in their first NH local section event this year, including the Chemical Olympiad, Chemist Celebrating Earth Week, National Chemistry Week, and our monthly general meetings.  We are always looking for new members of the Chemistry community, especially those who are are passionate about Chemistry and would like to be involved in our programs.

Ana Sofia Newton

2019 ACS New Haven Chair